Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trying to wrangle a cohesive element!

While I hate the idea of a "themed wedding," I am going to go with a "motif" for the wedding. Yeah, same difference. Well, we are having a summer wedding, but we decided to go with a rustic tone and tree motif. Our colors are blue and yellow and here are some of my inspiration photos. Don't worry if they don't look cohesive, we will work through it!

Also we found these GREAT save the dates, but they don't come up in an image size so check out the websites: Save the Dates and Oak Tree Invites.

What are some of your inspiring ideas, strands, motifs or (dare I say it) themes?

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  1. Hello! Creeping on over from WeddingBee and I HAD to comment because I'm also a 20-something teacher in MA! :D

    Anyway, we're going with hot pink and bright green as a motif. I would've liked a theme, but we couldn't find anything that was truly "us." I love the tree idea though!

  2. We love to travel, so we're incorporating travel elements into our wedding. I started off not wanting a theme, but found elements that I loved and really thought it brought everything together.

  3. Theonewiththewedding: So cool! Hot pink and bright green! That is so awesome!I can't wait to see pictures! When are you getting married?

    Lauren: I love the travel theme items I have seen! So cute! I wish I could have luggage bags and make it work with the rest of our theme . . . alas.