Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Before I get into the sad tale of the above shoes, I want to make a confession. Deep Breath. I do not care for shoes. I don't know what it is but I dislike shoe shopping. No, really really dislike, detest, abhor shoe shopping. I would rather go to the dentist than go to the shoe store. I wear flats or flip flops I have a pair of sneakers, two pairs of flats and a pair of flip flops in my closet.

That said. I came across this picture on WeddingBee (my all-time favorite wedding site). I gasped. I had no idea that I had dream shoes, and yet, there they were! However, when following the source, giddy with excitement on finding my wedding shoes, I realized they were for a vintage shop on etsy. Size of the shoes? 6 1/2 My size? 8 1/2. DAMN!

Anyone seen my long lost love, vintage bluebell heels? Anyone lust after an item you never thought you would want/care about?


  1. I dont enjoy shoe shopping either, but I dont think I would rather go to the dentist though! My problem...I wear a size 11!! YES 11! But I couldnt believe I found the most adorable, cute white flats for our wedding day...they were comfortable and stylish! I love the cute little blue bows on them..I hope you find them or something like them. Did you ask if the etsy shop had them in your size?

  2. I think that those would be easy to make! take a pair of white pumps and hot glue a blue bow to them! It would look exactly the same and probs be much cheaper.

  3. Eleven- Good idea! I think I might try that my MOH agreed to help.
    D.Marie - I did the only had the one size =( I am on the lookout though. I can't believe you are a size 11! That is so cool! Probably not for you but still a really fun fact!