Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have been putting off cake decisions for a number of reasons. First of all originally we were looking at places that included a cake in their venue fee but the place we finally agreed upon does not. The second reason is because I love all sweets. Delicious brownies, delectable candies, smooth and creamy ice cream, moist cake with sweet flavorful frosting etc etc etc. How will I feel when that part is over? So instead, I have been amusing my interest in cakes with some google images.
Some of the fun cakes I found:
This one goes with the tree theme but I think it is too over the top. It is a lovely design though just a little too artsy for me.
source 1
I like this one better if it were in my colors (blue and yellow). I think it is cute . . . or was I looking at bad cakes too long. What do you think?
source 2

This is from the cake place we are going to test out soon. I was browsing their site and this just looked delicious and beautiful!
source Again - I would like it better in my colors. I would definitely do a cream colored frosting with blue and yellow flowers on it. I think they look so great!

What piece of the wedding planning process are you putting off because you don't want it to be over yet? Was choosing a cake flavor and design easy for you?


  1. I'm definitely liking the last one, especially with your colors in mind :)

  2. Thanks for the input! I like it too - I really like the way the flowers pop off the cake. So sweet (unintentional pun).

  3. I really like the 2nd and 3rd (but in your colors)! I'm not a big cake person, but I was surprised at how much fun I had at our cake tastings.

  4. I love ALL of them!
    I kind of like the first but not sure if it goes with your theme.

  5. I put off my search for my dress until about 8-9 months after we got engaged (longer engagement). I didn't want that experience to be over!

  6. Oh man these make me want cake SO MUCH. They all look fantastic, but personally I prefer the first one.

    zilliah (from swap-bot!)

  7. I love the first one!! I want to eat it now!

    LittleOwlette from Swap-Bot