Saturday, July 24, 2010

My first DIY attempt

So I am not crafty . . . I really wish I was crafty but I'm just not. My mother stopped putting up my art creations in 3rd grade. I had peaked.

Well now that I am planning the wedding and seeing all the cute crafty things out there. I cannot help but want to create some of my own!!! My first attempt was origami. Really how can you mess up some folding? The first three were MAJOR failures.

I will post some pictures when I do it in our wedding colors with the leaves. My vision is to fold these bad boys and then put small leaves on the bottom of them with peoples names and table numbers. This is what they should look like:Source with Great Tutorial

They will be the ESCORT CARDS! Aren't they gorgeous? I stole this idea from Mrs. Guinea Pig on weddingbee.

We think we will add clothespins and clip them to our wishing tree. Once everyone has their escort cards, they can come back to the tree and redecorate it with our wedding wishes and make it look like this:
So I made a few prototypes and boy am I going to have some busy bridesmaids making these. You need five petals for each flower and I need 180 flowers. Yep, we are talking almost 1000 petals. Mean mean bride-to-be. I took my prototypes and they are making a really cute centerpiece right now. My bridesmaids are coming over tomorrow for Bridesmaid dress shopping wait until they seem them. hahaha.

What was your first DIY project?


  1. Good luck with your folding, I totally suck at origami, so I know how big a task you have ahead of you!

    I'm adding your link to tomorrow's linky love post on my blog!

    RJcanuck, from swap-bot via the I'm a Blogger swap!

  2. It's all about practice. Hopefully each flower will be easier than the one before.

    -MsRigby (via swap-bot)