Tuesday, July 6, 2010

E-Pics & Bridesmaid Dress Shopping . . .

are coming up. Sorry for that tease. I am at a loss for what I want for engagement photos. My FSIL takes gorgeous portraits so we are having her do them, but I am nervous about being cutesy in front of her. Oh well, we will see how it goes. But we are considering where to go and with what props to use. Here are some e-photos I love:

E-photo in a library? YES PLEASE!
Use of chalkboards and other things to write on - too cute! I also love the use of balloons even though it seems to be a typical prop. I can't wait to have my own photos to share with you!

As far as bridesmaid dress shopping, that is a topic for another day. But again, I am unsure and stressed. I am a people pleaser. I will want everyone to happy and with five people plus my opinionated mother, I am in trouble. Yikes!


  1. What I am doing for my bridesmaids is I am giving them a color (an exact color) and having them find their own dresses (preferably all with the same length). It should look cohesive and they will be able to wear the dresses again and be happy with them. I was just at a wedding where my maid of honor was a bridesmaid and she HATED the dress and had to spend a bundle on it.

    But it all really depends on what you want your special day to look like, and remember only you can have the final say! But you should probs be nice to your mom :)

    Oh, and sorry for commenting on all your posts, I just am excited when someone is in the same exact situation as I am; so early on in the planning! Can't wait to see what is to come!

  2. I appreciate you commenting!This is great! I will make sure to check your site for updates too!

  3. Oh man! I know what you mean about being a people pleaser and wanting the BMs to love their dresses. I ended up picking different sets of dresses and showing my girls, they decided on the designer and length that they liked. The only think I wanted was for them all to be in the same color, and it turns out that they all loved 2 dresses. So 2 girls will be in one style and 2 girls in another style.