101 Things in 1001 Days

101 Goals in 1001 Days 

I stole this idea from KrystalsKitsch. I searched and found this great website Projectzero. If you are inspired to start a list yourself, please let me know, I love reading other people's list. I shared mine with my FI and my mom who will keep me VERY accountable. Goals in bold & italics are completed.

My goals:

101 Goals in 1001 Days
Major Life Changes
1.      Get married (date set 7/30/11)
2.      Buy a house
3.      Move to the Central MA area
4.      Get a new job

5.      Design, assemble and send out awesome Save the Dates
6.      Make a purchase from Etsy I bought a super cute stamp from lovetocreatestamps  for my wedding invitations. so.cute.
7.      Create and (diligently) blog
8.      Learn Calligraphy
9.      Take a girl’s trip

10.  Start my Master’s Degree
11.  Read at least one book each month
12.  Learn Spanish
13.  Take an artsy class (photography, pottery something)
14.  Take a dance class
15.  See two plays a year
16.  Learn how to Sew
17.  Write a short story
18.  Learn how to drive stick shift

19.  Take a daily vitamin
20.  Get on a work out schedule & maintain it!
21.  Give up soda for a month
22.  Ride a bike
23.  Wear more jewelry (doesn’t include my engagement ring)
24.  Go to the dentist for a check up
25.  Get to my ideal weight
26.  No fast food for a month
27.  No soda for a month

28.  Stay until 4 one day a week
29.  Get to work at 6:45 every day
30.  Complete photocopying the night before school
31.  Get three good reviews next year
32.  Participate in Curriculum Development
33.  Be more up to date on the news/current events

Cleanliness/Household Domesticity things
34.  Cook a new recipe every two weeks
35.  Organize my library
36.  Collect all my music and put it on said I-Pod
37.  Create & keep up to date on my college & wedding scrapbooks
38.  Write more letters rather than e-mails
39.  Keep my car clean
40.   Put my clothes in dressers/closet
41.  Send a secret to Post Secret
42.  Pack a picnic lunch

43.  Go to Martha’s Vineyard & rent scooters
44.  Go on a trip to NYC
45.  Visit Washington D.C.!
46.  Visit Europe (A girl can dream)
47.  Take a spontaneous weekend trip somewhere different
48.  Get a passport
49.  Visit (and stay overnight) in 10 states that I’ve never been to
(Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota 1/2 way there!)
50.  Go kayaking and conquer my fear of it (or just kayak)
51.  Visit the Grand Canyon
52.  Visit Ogunquit & Kennebunkport, ME
53.  Return to Acadia National Park (the site of the proposal!)
54.  Learn to ski
55.  Go tubing down the Deerfield River
56.  Throw a dart on the map and go where it lands

57.  Go horseback riding
58.  Go zip lining
59.  Go white water rafting
60.  See the Blue Man group
61.  See a show on broadway
62.  Beat my boyfriend in mini-golf
63.  Go indoor rock climbing
64.  Go on a brewery tour
65.  Have a party bus party!
66.  Throw a house party
67.  Go to a fleamarket
68.  Watch 26 movies I have never seen (each corresponding with a letter of the alphabet) (thanks http://dayzeroproject.com/user/kiwigirl04)
69.  Host a game night
70.  Buy an I-Pod
71.  Go Sky Diving
72.  Complete 3 Boston Tours
73.  See a drive-in movie
74.  Go to the movies alone
75.  Read an autobiography
76.  Learn how to ski
77.  Join and use swap bot

78.  Budget & stick to it!
79.  Save enough money to go on a Mediterranean Cruise for our honeymoon
80.  Sell something I don’t use on ebay/half.com, craigslist whatever
81.  Put money towards a 401k each month
82.  Put spare change into a change jar
83.  Buy a lottery ticket

Family / Friends
84.  Visit my grandparents three EXTRA times a year (holidays don’t count)
85.  Send my parent’s on a weekend trip
86.  Visit family in Seattle
87.  Actually send out Christmas Cards this year
88.  Attend brother’s graduation ceremony from college!
89.  Reconnect with an old friend
90.  Go on a trip with mom

91.  Donate Blood
92.  Donate my hair to locks of love after the wedding
93.  Donate my time, things or money to charity twice a year
94.  Plant a Tree
95.  Give a 100% Tip
96.  Pay a stranger’s toll
97.  Send Christmas cards to troops overseas each Christmas
98.  Help build a house for Habitat for Humanity
99.  Donate a gift to a child in need during the holidays
100.       Donate $5 for each goal I don’t complete
101.       Put $10 into savings (not to be touched) for every goal I complete ($20/1001)