Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our Baby

I never shared with you our baby!

One day, we decided we wanted a kitten. It was strange because neither of us are too fond of cats, but due to the size of our apartment we cann
ot get a dog. We were longing for that nonjudgmental love a dog gives its owners. We thought about it and looked at adorable pictures of kittens on Adopt Cat Sites. Check these out:

FI said no. No.No.No. We love to go away and it is too much work and money for us. I whined a bit and we went to the pet store to check out their adopt-a-pet clinic. We wandered toward the hamsters & bunnies section.

In an effort not to get a cat, we got a hamster. The equation doesn't make much sense, but we got a dwarf hamster and he is so adorable. Is he cuddly and loving? No. Do I watch him and laugh constantly? yes.
We named him Lucky because on the first day I lost him in the car (long story) and he is SUPER fast & quick and we were lucky to have every found and caught him.

So here is our Lucky little one:

Do you have any pets? Are you and FI on the same page about what is an appropriate pet? Isn't Lucky the cutest?


  1. LOVE his name and that you lost him in the car! LOL! He is so cute and tiny! I cant believe you were able to find him in the car...he is lucky! We tried to have two adorable kittens but my allergies and asthma were getting the best of me and we had to give them up. We did have two tiny little lizards but they have since passed. I do want something though...maybe a hamster!

  2. FI has a dog but it stays with his parents and we live with a dog and 5 cats but they are our housemates'.

    Very cute name and hamster!

  3. Hampsters are cute but I wouldn't say they are one for cuddling. If you want something bigger, maybe you could get a ferret? they are cute and smart like dogs. I'm a cat lover myself though so get a kitty. the shelters are over flowing with them because people won't get them spayed/neutered. I see you said you live in MA, me too! I got my kitten from Dakin (the Leverett location). Not sure where you live in MA but they have over 200 cats they need to find homes for. And any cat one year old or older you can get for free because that's how over full the shelters are right now. it's sad. Either way, have fun with your hampster.

    LuckyXIII from swap-bot

  4. He is cute! My brother and I had hamsters when we were growing up. I got a dog when I lived by myself, and FI enjoys Gypsy (my dog) as well. We hope to get another dog when we get a house.

  5. Hamsters are adorable! I've always wanted a hedgehog!

    zilliah (from swap-bot!)

  6. Thanks all! He might not be snuggly but he is ours and he is hilarious to watch zip around his cage.
    Elevencubed - I can't believe you live with all those animals! My FI would be in heaven he loves pets!
    D.Marie - sad you are allergic =( Maybe a furless dog. We had a west highland white terrier because my mom was allergic to cats.
    Zilliah - hedgehog would be fun!
    Lucky- we want a rabbit - they are so sweet!

  7. We have 1 cat and we just got an new baby kitten on Monday. We had a 60 gal fish tank but thank goodness we just got rid of it.

    We agree on all of our animals. My DH usually will let me do what I want as long as I do everything for the animals.

    Jessica (J3ss1ca: Swap-bot)