Friday, May 28, 2010

Too much inspiration

I like it all. It is true. There is very little I can narrow down or out. When people ask me what I have decided on I tell them: summer wedding, white dress . . . oh yeah and I know who the groom is!
So this was my first inspiration board:
My wedding list 2

My wedding list 2 by scournoyer418 featuring BKE shoes
Since then, I have determined that orange and purple are out. Red and blue are still battling it out and we definitely (maybe) want a pale yellow as an accent color. *Sigh*
It would all be so lovely. Too bad I am only getting married once. (Don't tell the fiancee I said that!)

Was getting your color coordinates an easy task? What colors did you sadly toss aside?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Engagement

So my recent engagement is what sparked me to create this blog in the first place. So my fiancee (still am getting used to this word!) proposed about a month ago on a surprise trip up to Acadia National Park. This is the story that Ben put together for our google wedding site. His super interest is amazing! I am guessing it will wan soon enough so I am enjoying every minute of it.

The early years: Sarah and Ben met freshmen year at Roger Williams University. Her close friend (and now bridesmaid!) lived in Ben's unit, and brought Sarah over to watch a movie for class, Quest for Fire. Upon walking through the common room, Ben was intrigued by the savage scenes of cavemen killing each other in their need for fire. Sarah even mentioned to Courtney how cute Ben was and how Courtney should try to date him. She immediately replied that he already had a girlfriend but they both agreed that was unfortunate.

Anyways Ben and Sarah became good acquaintances. However, it was not until a large group trip into Providence and the bus ride back when they became close friends. That night after everyone left they went down to the bay and sat on the rocks. They would visit this spot frequently throughout freshmen and sophomore years to vent, talk about school, friends, life or just sit in silence. While living on campus as close friends, Ben would always walk her home after dark and many times meet her at the newspaper office to see her back to her dorm safely.

Daytona Beach: Friends vehemently argued that Ben and Sarah were meant to be, but the two just as strongly disagreed using their close friendship as proof that it was not so. Late junior year, with their roommates Liz and Trevor (an engaged couple), the couple took a trip down to Daytona Beach where they began to realize their true feelings for one another. Trevor and Liz gave a resounding "I told you so." Ben and Sarah began dating casually, but it was not until after Ben's trip to Italy that he realized Sarah was the one.

The First (Official) Date: Upon his homecoming, he asked Sarah out on a romantic surprise date into Boston where the two went to the aquarium (where they had visited freshman year), ice skating, and out to a nice dinner in December of 2008. Soft snow fell through the city as the couple walked through Boston. The setting of their first date could not have been more serene. The following months, Ben and Sarah realized that although all along they thought they couldn't date because they were friends was actually the reason they were so compatible!

The Proposal: The engagement was even more romantic than the first date (if possible!). Sarah had been dropping subtle (or not so subtle) hints about a proposal to Ben, and she had a sense that it was coming in the following year. However, she thought she would have some indication that he had made a large purchase, but she was wrong. Ben had hid the ring from her for four months before he proposed on a surprise vacation to Acadia National Park in April of 2010. He woke her up at 4:30 (risking his own safety) and took her out to the cliffs in the park to watch the sunrise. Sarah had no idea it was coming until he was on one knee. He even brought a camera and proceeded to take (exactly!) 697 photos over the course of the 3 day trip to document their engagement.
My beautiful white gold engagement ring, holding hands with my fiancee! Did you get a crazy romantic surprise engagement?