Monday, June 28, 2010


I think we have decided on a florist. Everything seems to be coming together TOO easily which scares me.
Anyway, a family friend is a florist in Connecticut. FI and I went to his cousin's wedding this weekend and saw her beautiful work first hand. I chatted with her for a few moments and told her I would like to pick her brain for our wedding. She was very excited.
Here are a couple (lousy quality photos) of her work.
I love the interesting colors chosen. The bride and groom chose light blue and lime green as their wedding colors. It was beautiful. They spoke with the florist who recommended fuschia and orange highlights. It was vibrant, energetic and definitely summery. I can't wait to sit down and talk about some interesting accent colors for our wedding!

Have you found your vendors easily or has it been a struggle to find the right people?

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Official!

We dotted the i's and crossed our t's yesterday at our official wedding venue site! It was actually pretty anti-climactic. Here is a pic of the ceremony site. Our date is in the summer so it looks a lot greener:

And this is the inside room where the reception will be held. I will post some personal photos later on so you can see the BEAUTIFUL bar and the lovely octagonal room for cocktail hour.

We are both super pumped for the big day which is now set for July 30, 2011. Apparently, according to my Fiance, this is a good day. Oh ok. He also sent text messages to all his groomsmen and even called some of his relatives. So adorable.

I am getting married!
Did it finally dawn on you at one point that it was really going to happen? When did this revelation occur to you?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wedding Dress Shopping

So I had many ideas for what I loved in a wedding dress. I hadn't done a lot of searching on the internet but my FI had requested backless, halter. To which I thought "ME TOO!" but responded "yeah right." He gets no hints to what I finally choose!
I definitely wanted straps, something pretty basic with an A-line (probably). I like sweetheart tops but I do like halter tops too. No lace, no big poofy skirt and not a lot of beading. I am obsessed with dresses that have dramatic backs. These things just are not me - I have seen some LOVELY dresses with all of these on them but they don't feel like me.
Anyways, so here were some of my inspirations before dress shopping:

What were some of your criteria? Did you listen to your FI ideas first? Did you let him come along?