Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Things I wish I could include in the wedding but alack, alas, we cannot for one reason or another:

Mmmmm This makes my mouth water just looking at it. It would make a great dessert bar option or a great favor. Who doesn't like a good s'mores?!

Vintage cars. I love them. They are so freaking cute & I would love a grand entrance or exit in one. However, we are not doing any of those things in a grand way. Therefore, no grand vehicle transport for us.


A simple beach wedding or destination wedding. I love this look - it is so classy and elegant but not over the top. Sometimes I wish we had gone this route. However, we want so many people to be able to share in our day so a DW just wasn't in the cards.

But pictures like this make me reconsider (Source):

Mmmm more cute ways to display food & drink!

A popcorn bar!

Too cute signature
drinks! (Source)

I am sure I will have many more posts like this one.
Are there inspiration photos that make you swoon but you know you will never be able to replicate at your wedding? How do you get over wedding envy?


  1. A smore's bar would be amazing! I wish we could have done a signature drink but our venue only allowed beer and wine.

  2. Yum! That looks like a fun idea.

    I was in a wedding last year at the beach and it looked almost exactly like that.

  3. Jessica 1 - mmmm I want s'mores soooo bad!

    Jessica 2 - I think I am going to replicate the petals on the aisle. It is just so beautiful. I hope someone I know gets married on the beach so I can live vicariously . . .

  4. A smores bar sounds fantastic.. haven't seen that one yet!

    I want a photobooth sososososososo bad.. I'm trying to look around to find a decent, DIY type of alternative for it!!

  5. I want a photobooth too! My friend did a fauxtobooth and worked really well. I will find out from her what program she used with her laptop and let you know!