Friday, September 3, 2010


So I love to think about things WAY in advance. I am going to share with you my hairspiration photos. First. Let me remind you of what my hair looks like:

So as you can see, my hair is a little past my shoulders or so. I am very low maintenance when it comes to my hair - I wash and brush it. For special occassions, I may straighten it but that is a toss up. I am also growing out my hair for the next 10 months hoping to get it a bit longer for the big updo.

Ok so here they are: I love the look of the back of this. I couldn't find front pictures so I don't know how good that would look.

How can you not love a good Carrie Underwood hairdo? She is so classy. So for the half up half down look - first of all, my FI requested that some hair be down. Whether or not I consider this is up in the air. I love the Carrie shot on the right this is the back of that hair:
I love the back of the hair too as well as the side swept bangs. I would love to include side swept bangs because they look so adorable with wedding hairstyles, but is this practical for my life pre and post wedding? Probably not.

Ignore the crazy outfit and weird face. I actually like this hair - it is unique but I think sophisticated looking. Am I just crazy? Please be honest about that style with me!

Okay so again, ignore the face, but I do like the hair here. I love the bangs again and the wispys on the side. It looks classy but not overdone.

Which one is your favorite? What kinds of hair inspiration photos did you find to hand off to your hair stylist? I think I am going to need 10 hair trials!!!


  1. I love the Carrie Underwood ones; she was my inspiration too!

  2. I had the same kind of inspiration for my 'do!

  3. I just found your blog on the weddingbee post- so fun! I have a Hairspiration post too and it's all carrie all the time!

    the pic of her with the half up half down in the white sweetheart dress is my go to style.

    I am following now, and looking forward to reading more!

  4. Guess everyone loves a good Carrie Underwood hairstyle!

    Sara - I agree so fun and I am following you too! Can't wait to read more from all you ladies. Thanks for commenting - it means so much!

  5. @Ms. Teacher- I just realized that I *have* read your blog before- don't know why i said I just found you- let's say I re-found you!! lol

  6. These are so beautiful! Especially Carrie Underwood's updos oh to have amazing hair and hair dressers like she does :)

  7. Love the Carrie Underwood updos!

  8. Love the first few up-do's including Carrie's. I took the same ones to my hair stylist. She didn't replicate it exactly but...I think she gets the gist. :) Good luck with your hair!!

  9. Thanks ladies!
    I agree Lane, I wish I could hire her hair stylist!