Monday, September 27, 2010

DIY Fail: the STDs.

So I decided for the Save the Dates I would DIY. My MOH graciously came over to work on design, sample print it at Staples and pick a winner. HAHAHAHA. What I thought would be an easy design turned into a very unfortunate end result.

Here is my inspiration picture:

Well. It didn't come out that good. It had cheesy yellow lines bordering the page and nothing I did looked complete. I bought a Martha Stewart paper puncher that made cute designs on the borders . . . didn't help too much. The more we looked at it - the better it got . . . because we were so fed up with the project.

Then my mom's GENEROUS friend, who is a graphic designer GRACIOUSLY offered to design them for me! I am so excited. Hope to show you some designs in a few days!
We are skipping the numbers part and instead putting a magnet in the mini-envelope with our info on it. Love.It. On the magnet we are using this photo:

And on the outside of the Save the Date we decided on this photo:

My mom mentioned it may be a photo overload. Do you think so?

Anyone find a good site to order magnets from? Anyone have a DIY fail that got them discouraged and behind schedule?


  1. I don't think two pictures is a photo overload! I've heard good things about Magnet Street:

    I made a drink list poster for the bar that ended up terribly. It had two misspelled words, and basically looked like a kindergarten project! It met the trashcan.

  2. I don't think it's too many pics, think about it, one is a magnet so it's totally separate. Therefore, two different items. One picture, one magnet. :)

    Okay - that was a horrible example. But it sounded good in my head.

  3. Christina - HOW FRUSTRATING! I hate how much effort I expended and the project ended up also in the trash. *sigh*

    Jessica - thanks I am glad that it won't be an overload.