Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wedding Dress Shopping

So I had many ideas for what I loved in a wedding dress. I hadn't done a lot of searching on the internet but my FI had requested backless, halter. To which I thought "ME TOO!" but responded "yeah right." He gets no hints to what I finally choose!
I definitely wanted straps, something pretty basic with an A-line (probably). I like sweetheart tops but I do like halter tops too. No lace, no big poofy skirt and not a lot of beading. I am obsessed with dresses that have dramatic backs. These things just are not me - I have seen some LOVELY dresses with all of these on them but they don't feel like me.
Anyways, so here were some of my inspirations before dress shopping:

What were some of your criteria? Did you listen to your FI ideas first? Did you let him come along?

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  1. I'm the same way, I want a very simple gown; something elegant yet not ridiculous.

    My criteria were strapless and not poofy, with a simple waistline because I want a colored sash (I'm going the not all white route)

    I would be fine with him coming along for the dress shopping (not too superstitious) but I would have to drag him!