Friday, May 28, 2010

Too much inspiration

I like it all. It is true. There is very little I can narrow down or out. When people ask me what I have decided on I tell them: summer wedding, white dress . . . oh yeah and I know who the groom is!
So this was my first inspiration board:
My wedding list 2

My wedding list 2 by scournoyer418 featuring BKE shoes
Since then, I have determined that orange and purple are out. Red and blue are still battling it out and we definitely (maybe) want a pale yellow as an accent color. *Sigh*
It would all be so lovely. Too bad I am only getting married once. (Don't tell the fiancee I said that!)

Was getting your color coordinates an easy task? What colors did you sadly toss aside?

1 comment:

  1. I initially wanted dark brown and emerald to go with my ring and my MOH wanted black dresses but I've tossed those aside and now am doing red, white and black (picked for my FI's favorite hockey team, but not too obvious or obnoxious)

    I would suggest just picking one and going with it, you can make any color scheme look good if you put the time into it!

    I LOVE blue and pale yellow together, much better than Red and pale yellow.