Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Happy Balance

When thinking about aisle decor, I knew I wanted something simple and elegant. There are so many ways to decorate for the ceremony.

Balloon arches are out. Even the more tasteful balloon arch on the left is too ostentatious for my taste.

Mason jars need to be included somewhere in our decor. I love them and they are so rustic and amazing. Well the ones above are nice and simple but not sure how I could make those work in an outdoor early evening wedding. I think mason jar candle holders may be out unless anyone can think of how we could use it. Boo.

Flower cones - nice and simple. They only need a couple flowers so it also is not too expensive. I don't like the shell on the one above - doesn't fit with my theme.
Hm. Giant love sign behind us as we get married. . . bold, way too awkward for our ceremony. Sorry Martha Stewart I am all set on that one.
This is more my taste - I feel that it would be way to expensive for our budget but so freaking cute!

Tulle is out. I have never been a fan of tulle not even in my wedding dress. I don't know what it is but I am interested in this for our decor. I also dislike large heavy pieces of fabric too. It just isn't right for my ceremony.

Have I mentioned FI is building our arbor that we are getting married under? Oh I have. Well let me show you a few beautiful arbors that I hope ours looks like!
(Minus the tulle of course hahaha!)

What aisle decor inspiration photos are you loving? Ever seen anything too over the top?


  1. Arbors are my fave. They are simple and elegant without being too over the top. :)

  2. Yeah I love the arbor. I also am a huge fan of candles, especially when they're in the mason jars. I wanted to have them lining our aisle, just sitting on the ground, but since we're not having an evening ceremony that would be kind of pointless.

  3. I dream about the arbor. He knows there is no backing out of building me one! hahaha.

  4. Hello! I am having the same problem thinking of decorating for my ceremony site. I love the mason jars too that you posted! I included a link to a similar blog post I did recently about the same topic..any suggestions!?