Thursday, October 14, 2010

Warming My Heart

Does anyone watch parenthood? The show with Lauren Graham (who I want to be when I grow up)?
If you haven't seen it, I would check it out. It is the most real show I have watched in a while and it essentially deals with relationships between married couples and parents with their children. One family has a child with aspersion and their struggle with it so heartfelt . . . It has its humorous moments too.
Regardless, I give it an A+ and would definitely watch it - I am usually brought to tears because I feel so warmed about the potential families have for success.


  1. I've only seen one episode but I liked it. It's so hard to follow stuff for me!

  2. I watch it on Hulu every week. It's by far one of my favorite shows!

  3. Jessica- I do the same thing as Marjorie - watch it online! It is impossible for me to stay awake until ten.
    Marjorie- I agree one of my favorite shows!