Monday, October 11, 2010


I am struggling.
I love my new job and I have never loved my FI more, but I am still struggling. It is really hard living back home and being in a long distance relationship. Granted, he is home every weekend, but we have no privacy and no alone time.
I love my future in laws and my parents. But visiting them on the weeekends when FI and I had alone time all week was one thing. Now we spend all week apart and then all weekend visiting, doing chores, getting weekend things done. This leaves very little time for "us time." We try to have a date night each weekend to just unwind and catch up, but that isn't what I miss most.

I miss sitting on the couch watching tv with him, fumbling around the kitchen at night preparing lunches and coffee for the next morning, greeting him when he gets home from work, grocery shopping, making dinner in our own kitchen when I want and doing the dishes when we get around to it. I miss sitting in our living room doing separate things, not speaking but just being together.
These are the things that are what living together is about for us and what defines our routine. I have realized that I am no longer comfortable at my parent's home even though I lived with them for 20 years of my life - I am way more comfortable with my FI who I lived with for only a year.

We need a weekend away but that would just set us back from our goal of buying a house. Anyone hit a rough patch in your relationship that was really out of your control? Anyone have something shake up your daily routine that you can't seem to get past?

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  1. I don't blame you, it can definitely be uncomfortable and a huge change. The comfort of being alone, just the two of you is what your used to!