Monday, August 16, 2010

A Healthier Lifestyle

For the past eight years I have struggled with finding a comfortable weight. This is the heaviest I have been, and throughout our trip I HATED having my picture taken. It was horrible, and I hated the way I felt. I am dedicated to losing some weight. It is going to be really hard especially with the start of my second year of teaching coming up (I really enjoy stress eating).

So I need you all to keep me in check. Keep me honest. I am going on a healthy eating diet and I am going to regularly exercise. No gimmicks or crash diets - just good honest healthy living. The first thing to go is soda & fast food. I don't eat fast food often (minus my recent road trip where there was little other options sometimes), but I am a coke addict. Coca Cola of course. Ever since I started being friends with my FI, he has got me hooked on coke and caffeine.

I always say I am going to start my diet tomorrow. Well, I am starting my diet right now. This is about feeling good about myself and feeling sexy again. My wedding is also a good motivation for doing well with my diet.

Thanks for your help in advance! Make sure to keep me honest!

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  1. Good luck! I found that I am my happiest and healthiest when I don't stress out too much about a diet. I just don't surround myself with unhealthy foods and reduce the temptations. After a long time without drinking coke, I drank it the other day and didn't enjoy it!

    I also like to incorporate healthy amounts of exercise into my day that don't necessarily involve having to go to the gym. I usually think of any excuse not to go to the gym and when I don't go, I feel like I failed, which stresses me out!

    Anyway, good luck and I'm here for any advice if you need it!