Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Adding Character & FI's Personality to our Wedding

We are getting married at a golf club. A beautiful golf club that has more character than just a large room with a dance floor, however, it was not my FI's dream. His dream was to get married in an old barn and I love that dream.

Well, we couldn't afford the barn wedding of our dream, and we decided the money would be better spent on oh I don't know having food at the wedding? hahaha. So we are adding some other things to make it more "us."

The first thing we are doing is having FI build us the arbor for us to get married under. I think this is the greatest idea ever. We had decided this awhile ago, but then I saw Ms. Husky's fiance made her one for their wedding too. I was so excited! I just love the idea of getting married under an arbor; it is so sweet and romantic. I want him to carve in the date so we can put it up in our (non-existant) garden. It will be so beautiful. FI has already built us a coffee table for our living room. Here is a sample of his GORGEOUS work!FI and I sitting down behind our new addition to our tiny apartment!
(Photo taken by FMIL. )

He used a variety of different woods including old American Chestnut from a barn he is working on now. It is absolutely magnificent.

He also wants to build us the table we sit at for the reception. *Sigh* I am not sold on this idea. I love the cute little round couple table and he wants to build us a big sturdy dining room table that we will use and have forever. He wants us to eat at this table during our first meal as a family. *awwww* really cute sentiment - still not sold.
I can't wait for him to start work on these projects so I can show you all pictures!

What do you all think about the dining room table idea? Am I being bratty by not letting him have this one desire? How did you add character or your own personality to your wedding?


  1. I love that coffee table! I can't wait to see his projects for the wedding.

    On the dining room table, I think the sentiment is so sweet, but will you be eating with others? It might look a little weird if it's just you two at this huge table. I say to check it our once he's done (also speaking with your venue on spacing for it since it will be bigger than your normal sweetheart table).

  2. *Check it out once he's done, not check it our. haha

  3. Good point-I will have to ask. I suggested we may be able to use it to display escort cards or something. But yes, we want a sweetheart table so I think it would look strange too. I also love circular tables.

  4. The escort table would be another great option! I like that idea!